7 Amazing Night Shorts Sets that will Put You to Bed in Style

When it comes to nightwear, nothing can beat the comfort of slipping into a pair of cutesy night shorts. They are not only comfortable to wear but also come in very quirky prints these days. You can get them in a plethora of fabrics too but cotton is the best. It is a sustainable, breathable and hypoallergenic fabric that is great for people with sensitive skin

My Closet Story is home to the most beautiful, stylish and comfortable girl night shorts. They are available in many different prints and colours. They are made with the softest of fabrics which make them ideal to wear in all seasons. Here are seven of our best women night shorts that you must definitely spend your money on:

1. White Colour Anna Cotton Night Suit – Short Set

Made with pure cotton, this two-piece night suit shorts set is perfect to go to bed in. It is comfortable to wear and also looks very stylish. The bright polka dots on white make them set a favourite of many ladies.

2. White and Pink Color Popy Cotton Night Suit

If you are looking for adorable night short sets for women that you can wear and click pictures for Instagram, the White and Pink Color Popy Cotton Night Suit is for you. It is a gorgeous night suit made with the best fabric for you. The beautiful pink print along with the raised collars give it a very unique and beautiful touch.

3. Red and White Leia Cotton Night Short Suit Set

The Red and White Leia Cotton Night Short Suit Set is for all those women who like to look good even in bedtime. This night suit shorts set looks very classy and is ideal for women across ages. You and your daughter both can wear them and post the famous “twinning” pictures. You are sure to garner a lot of ‘likes’ that way.

4. Pink Colour Adara Cotton Night Suit – Short Set

The Pink Colour Adara Cotton Night Suit – Short Set is great for people who like to keep things simple. It has very minimalistic pink strips all over the shorts and top set. Apart from wearing this to bed, you can even flaunt this set as a nice loungewear to make things interesting. This is a very stylish set and is perfect for women who prefer to stick with the basics

5. Maira Shorts Set

Available in a lot of different sizes, the Maira Shorts Set is a must-have for women who always keep up with the trends. This is one of the most loved short sets for women at My Closet Story. It comes in a beautiful powder blue colour and the print on it is to die for. You must definitely get your hands on this one for sure.

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6. Multicolor Coco Cotton Night Suit

If you like unique colour combinations and print, you are going to love the Multicolor Coco Cotton Night Suit. It comes in a brilliant shade of white with chocolate brown designs. Made with pure cotton, this night suit shorts set will be great to wear to bed every night. What’s more? You can even wear it during daytime as you loungewear and fetch all the much-deserving compliments.

7. Eva Shorts Set

The Eva Shorts Set from My Closet Story is a classic girl night shorts set. It is not only gorgeous to look at but feels like a breeze on the skin too. Its playful print will grab your attention instantly and you are surely going to make it a part of your wardrobe.

My Closet Story is home to the best and most organic garments in India. Be it the stylish girl night shorts or the elegant dresses, we have it all for you under one roof.

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